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MLA Public Disclosure Statements and Forms

The Public Disclosure Statement is prepared by the Commissioner from the information provided by each Member in their Private Disclosure Statement and contains some of the information included in the Private Disclosure Statement. Section 26 of the Act requires that the following information must be excluded from the Members' Public Disclosure Statement:
1.    Asset or liability worth less than $5,000.
2.    Source of income that yielded less than $5,000 during the preceding 12 months.
3.    Land used primarily for a residence or recreational property.
4.    Personal property used primarily for transportation, household, recreational, educational
5.    Fixed income securities issued or guaranteed by a government or government agency.
6.    RRSP or RESP that is not self-administered.
7.    An interest in a pension plan, employee benefit plan, annuity or life insurance policy.
8.    Investment in an open-ended mutual fund that has broadly based investments not limited
       to one industry or one sector of the economy.
9.    A guaranteed investment certificate or similar financial instrument.
10.  Support payments.
11.  Any other asset, liability or source of income that the Commissioner approves as an 
      excluded private interest. 

The Public Disclosure Statement is filed with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and copies are available below for public inspection.

Aylward, Hon. James  Gallant, Hon. Sonny  Mundy, Hon. Tina
Bell, Hannah  Henderson, Hon. Robert  Murphy, Hon. Pat
Bevan-Baker, Peter  LaVie, Colin  Myers, Steven
Biggar, Hon. Paula  MacDonald, Hon. Heath  Palmer, Hon. Chris
Brown, Hon. Jordan  MacEwen, Sidney  Perry, Hal
Brown, Hon. Richard  MacKay, Matthew  Roach, Allen
Casey, Kathleen  MacLauchlan, Hon. Wade  Trivers, Bradley
Compton, Darlene  McIsaac, Alan  Watts, Hon. Francis (Buck)
Dumville, Bush  Mitchell, Hon. Robert  
Fox, Jamie    

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