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Ordinary Daily Routine

Below is an outline of the Ordinary Daily Routine; the official version can be found in Chapter 8 of the Rules of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, available online or in print from the Office of the Clerk.


The Ordinary Daily Routine of the House shall be:
(Behind closed doors)
 - Prayers
 - Consideration of the daily journal for the penultimate (next to the last) sitting day

(With Doors Opened)
 - Matters of privilege and recognition of guests
 - Statements by members
 - Questions by members, starting with ministerial responses to questions taken as notice
 - Statements by ministers
 - Presenting and receiving petitions
 - Tabling of documents, including responses to written questions
 - Reports by committees
 - Introduction of government bills


The Order of Business following the Ordinary Daily Routine shall be:
Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday evening, and Friday
 - Government motions
 - Orders of the day (government)

Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon
 - Motions other than government
 - Orders other than government
 - Government motions
 - Orders of the day (government)

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