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Protect Your Privacy

Take control of your information.  Don't let it come back to haunt you.


Some of the steps people can take to control their personal information include:

•  Give out as little personal information as possible. If you are being asked for your birth date, e-mail address, or other details, ask why. Don't provide it if you don't have to.
•  Think carefully before posting information about yourself online to avoid regrets later.

•  Know how your personal information will be used. Ask questions and read privacy policies.

•  Ensure your computer has the newest version of your Internet browser; install up-to-date software and virus protection and make sure your wireless network is secure.

•  Secure mobile devices with hard-to-guess passwords and avoid storing sensitive information on them.

•  Put sensitive paper documents in a shredder – not the recycling bin.

As our use and reliance on the internet increases, so too does our vulnerabilities to privacy breaches. The federal Office of the Privacy Commissioner has identified the following as the top ten ways our privacy is threatened:

  Ten Top Ways Your Privacy is Threatened

The federal office offers a wealth of useful tips and guidance for protecting our personal information, including:

Privacy Tips for Parents

 Identity Theft and You

 How to Protect Your Personal Information

 Protecting Personal Information on Mobile Devices - Individuals

 Protecting Personal Information on Mobile Devices - Workplace

Visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada website for more resources, should you wish to delve further into protecting your privacy.

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